Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Prevention of Swine Flu

A disease that is subtly threatening the country is certainly the Swine Flu or the technically called N1H1 flu/influenza. This is an infection cause by any of the mammy types of Swine Flu virus. This Swine Flu Virus (SIV) could be any strain of the virus Influenza family that is endemically in pigs and a virus is responsible for the flu. The name Swine Flu was given as generally, pigs get the virus. While humans generally do not get swine flu, human infections are also happening. Since the virus is transmittable, it passes from human to human quite quickly. 

In a 2009 survey, the SIV strains as well includes the influenza C and sub categories of Influenza A - H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2 and H2N3. At the moment, the H1N1 Virus is very much prevalent on Planet Earth. This Swine Influenza can be commonly found in pigs across the globe.  The transmission of virus from pigs to human is not always common and do not cause the human influenza. Often, the antibodies present in the blood are only produced as a result. When the transmission leads to the human influenza, the result is called the Zoonotic Swine Flu. Person who are often exposed to pigs are more likely get affected by the influenza. However, on a positive note, a properly and well cooked infected animal meat does not pose any risk of the flu.

Only during the middle of 20th Century we could possibly identify the influenza and its subtypes. This helped in diagnosing the contagion to humans more accurately. From then on, a hand full of 50 transmissions was only confirmed. The swine flu hardly transmit from human to human. The usual symptoms of Swine Flu is similar to general human flu - cough, fever, body ache, sore throat, fatigue, weakness and chills.

To treat and prevent swine flu, antiviral medicines are available. Though there is no vaccination available at present, by using the standard infection control, one can minimise the spread of this influenza among other humans. The spread of the influenza can be prevented by taking few simple measures. They are as follows.
·         While sneezing or coughing, ensure that you cover your mouth and nose using a tissue. Once using it, throw them in a trash promptly.
·         Ensure to wash your hands with water and soap especially if you have been out.
·         To destroy bacteria and virus effectively, go for a foam sanitizer or alcohol based gel. This effectively kills bacteria and viruses.
·         One can reduce the transmission of the virus by regularly disinfecting the surface of the household. This can be achieved by simply bleaching the house using diluted chlorine bleach.
·         As much as possible, avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth as germs usually spread in this manner.
·         Avoid contact with people who are sick.
·         People who suffer from flu like symptoms like cough, muscle ache, sudden fever etc must abstain themselves from going out in public. They must immediately seek medical help and assistance.
Regular washing of hands and keeping oneself clean and hygienic will certainly help a person in keeping away from Swine Flu. Some of the best hand wash and sanitizers can be purchased from indiashoppe.com. The website offers products form brands like On & On that know for providing quality products. Regular usage of On & On Hand wash and On & On Sanitizer is sure to keep flu and viruses away as much as possible.

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